Featured News 2014 Miami Cop Arrested on Second Intoxication Charge in Ten Months

Miami Cop Arrested on Second Intoxication Charge in Ten Months

An off-duty Miami police officer was arrested after passing emergency vehicles in Miami reaching 100 miles per hour. He faces DUI, drug possession, driving with a suspended license, and criminal mischief charges as a result of the incident.

Miami Police Officer Has Erratic Behavior

Just before 5 am, officers spotted the arrested officer speeding down MacArthur Causeway. The car reached speeds of 100 miles per hour as it was followed by police.

When the car stopped, police noticed that arrested officer smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes. The arrested offer explained that he had been taking medicine for depression as a reason for his physical signs of intoxication.

The off duty officer's car had a seize tag order. A seize tag order can be placed on a car if the insurance on the car has run out or not been paid. After some time, the owner of the car has to drive to the Department of Motor Vehicles and prove that they have current insurance. If they do not provide proof of insurance, their license will be suspended. If the car is pulled over, law enforcement must remove the license and charge the driver with driving without insurance and driving with a suspended license.

Inside the car, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin were found. The passenger in the vehicle, a 25-year-old woman, has also been arrested and charged with cocaine possession.

After being taken into police custody, the arrested officer began to bang his head on the partition in the police car and threatened officers that he would claim they injured his head. He further kicked out the rear window of the police cruiser.

The officer had formerly been arrested in November 2013 for disorderly intoxication. For that charge, he participated in an advocate program that was successfully completed.

For this DUI charge, the arrested officer is suspended without pay pending termination from the Miami Police Department.

What Happens When an Officer Gets a DUI?

While police officers can get DUIs just as civilians would, the treatment of law enforcement is often different.

If an officer gets caught driving drunk, a few considerations will go into their punishment:

  • Was the officer on-duty of off duty?
  • Was there property damage involved?
  • Did anyone get injured as a result of their actions?
  • Has the officer had other DUI charges?
  • What other infractions were involved?

If an officer gets a DUI while off duty, they will likely remain employed for a first offense. The officer may receive disciplinary action, such as attending rehabilitation, or temporary suspension, which may look like administrative leave. However, the situation will be weighed accordingly and many officers do lose their jobs as a result. An on-duty office stopped on DUI suspicion will typically lead to the officer's termination.

A DUI can have a serious impact on any person's life. Having a DUI lawyer can help minimize the impact of a DUI. Check out the directory to find an experienced attorney close by!

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