Featured News 2018 Can DUIs Be Federal Crimes?

Can DUIs Be Federal Crimes?

A group of friends decides to do some camping in a nearby national park. As they hang out and drink a couple of beers, one of the friends realizes that they forgot to buy hot dogs. Another friend decides that the experience wouldn't be complete without some brats and dogs, so he gets in his car and takes off to a nearby store. Only three minutes after hitting the road, a law enforcement ranger sees that one of the taillights of the car up ahead is busted. The ranger pulls the man over and asks for his license and registration. That's when the ranger realizes that the man is tipsy. The ranger asks the man to take a breathalyzer and finds he's over the legal limit for blood alcohol content. Therefore, the ranger takes the man in for driving under the influence. The only surprise to this story? The DUI charge is federal.

Federal DUIs Do Exist

Many people are unaware of the fact that federal DUI charges do exist and are actually more prevalent than people think. In fact, a federal DUI can happen in a variety of different areas.

Some of these areas include:

  • Any parking lot, building, or lot owned by the U.S. government
  • Historic grounds and national monuments
  • Courthouses and surrounding property
  • National parks and forests
  • Airports
  • Military Bases

When a person is under the influence and is driving on any of these government-owned areas, they are susceptible to a federal DUI charge if they are pulled over. Federal DUI charges are often more serious than state DUI charges. This is due to the fact that federal courts are stricter and do not have the same rules as state courts. For this reason, federal DUI charges demand tried and professional defense attorneys. A defense attorney can help you with your federal DUI charge and can make the difference between federal charges marring your record and walking away from a courthouse with a clean track record.

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