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Reasons Your DUI Trial May Be Delayed

When you are facing a DUI, you want your trial to go as fast as possible. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that these trials are stalled in the court. Don't be surprised if you have to wait months before you are given a trial date. Even then, your date could get pushed back.

Sometimes, delaying your trial can work to your advantage. Your attorney may want more time to prepare your case, and may ask for a delay. The prosecution could be in the same situation. Cases can sometimes be delayed for months to allow prosecutors to turn over evidence to the defense attorneys. You certainly want to wait until your lawyer has all the evidence needed to work on your case.

Also, there are times that cases are delayed due to court scheduling conflicts. While you have the Constitutional right to "a speedy trial," many DUI offenders choose to waive that right so that their lawyer has all the time to make a strong case. Sometimes, court scheduling conflicts can push a case back for months or even a year after the arrest. If the defendant is not in jail, he or she may see no need to speed the trial up.

When a Lawyer Has a Conflict

DUI trials can also be delayed if your attorney cannot make your original court date. Lawyers have multiple clients, and sometimes your date will conflict with another client's trial. Public defenders tend to have especially busy calendars. Additionally, when a key witness is unavailable to testify at a DUI trial, the court may opt to move the trial date so that he or she can be present. This may be in your best interests if the key witness can testify on your behalf.

Witnesses are compelled to come to court when summoned, but an unexpected illness or emergency may make it impossible for them to comply. Obviously, you'll want to move trial to another day if your key witness is unable to testify on your behalf.

If you are currently awaiting a DUI trial, make sure you have a knowledgeable and confident attorney on your side. Good attorneys can ensure that the days leading up to your trial aren't wasted. Use this directory to find a reliable DUI attorney near you!

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