Featured News 2019 Aggravated Factors: Increasing DUI Sentences

Aggravated Factors: Increasing DUI Sentences

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense that inspires and emotional response from the public. Years of advocacy from passionate groups have produced DUI penalties that can significantly impact a person’s life. Suspended licenses make traveling to work difficult, daily chores become difficult, and jail time and large fines create uncertainty for the future.

Increased Penalties

While significant penalties accompany the most basic DUI charges, other factors may place a person at risk of receiving a more significant sentence. If other serious crimes are involved with a DUI, they are referred to as aggravating factors.

High Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.8% or more will cause a person to receive DUI charges. However, a person may face additional charges for driving with a heightened blood alcohol level. This happens because a person’s ability to safely operate a vehicle significantly decreases as their BAC passes 0.8%.

Transporting a Minor Under the Influence

Drivers oversee the safety of those they transport. If transporting a minor, a driver’s responsibility for their safety increases. Drivers must use their judgement as an older individual to make sure the minor is practicing safety inside of a vehicle. If a driver is impaired, they lack the ability to be the guardian of a minor’s safety.

Speeding While Intoxicated

Speeding is always a dangerous practice. However, speeding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs makes a bad situation even worse. When a driver is drunk, they may not pay attention to speed limits and fail to notice that they are driving at an unsafe speed.

Multiple DUI Offenses

While one DUI can cause difficulty for someone, multiple offenses have the potential to change their life forever. Those convicted of multiple DUIs face higher fines, increased time in jail or prison, and lengthy licenses suspension or revocation.

What to do if Charged with DUI & Aggravating Factors

Every state handles DUI charges and aggravating factors differently. However, no matter where you are located, one thing is certain: you need the help of an experienced DUI attorney when facing serious DUI charges. A DUI attorney will fight to make sure you receive a fair trial and may even find a way to have your sentence reduced.

Use our directory to find an experienced DUI defense attorney near your today.

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