Brisendine, Overand, Buster & Bernstein Articles Have you or a loved one been charged of a DUI in Fairfax?

Have you or a loved one been charged of a DUI in Fairfax?

By Brisendine, Overand, Buster & Bernstein  Jun. 17, 2010 4:06p

Fairfax DUI Attorney

Have you or a loved one been charged of a DUI in Fairfax?

If you are in the immediate wake of a DUI charge, it is absolutely imperative that you act as quickly as possible. As soon as the charge is made, a series of events will be triggered that can only be counteracted if a defense is built quickly, skillfully and as aggressively as possible. In the aftermath of the charge, you will be faced with not one, but two prosecutions. Not only will you have to handle the criminal case, where you will be faced with such outcomes as imprisonment, fines, and mandatory attendance of alcohol education classes, you will be in danger of an immediate seven day license suspension.

If actually convicted, a first offense will earn you a misdemeanor worth up to $2,500 in fines, a year in prison, a year without driving privileges and mandatory enrollment in a drunk driving program. Any following offenses will only heighten the punishment. Not to mention, certain factors in your case, such as a BAC reading of above 0.15, can earn you even harsher penalties, regardless of whether it was your first offense or not.

What benefits will a DUI lawyer offer?

By securing the help of a skilled Fairfax DUI lawyer, you will be giving yourself the best chance at a successful result as possible. With the experience and keen eye of the right DUI attorney, every angle will be pursued and looked over. In such cases as possible conviction of a DUI, every factor leading up to the moment of the DUI charge will be considered. The accuracy of breath and blood tests as well as field sobriety tests will come into question. You do not have the right to refuse a breath test in Virginia, but failure of it does not necessarily mean absolute conviction. Often times improperly calibrated equipment, an unqualified administrator of the test and outside influences can lead to a faulty, inaccurate read. You should not have to suffer for such mishaps.

At Brisendine, Overand, Buster & Bernstein, you can trust that everything that can be done to work towards your successful outcome will be pursued. With properly applied strategy, you can trust that your case will be given a unique and tailor-made defense. There is no reason for you to face such charges alone. When you have an experienced DUI attorney at your side, you can rest assured that your future and your rights will be fought for in every possible way. 

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