Douglas W. Atkinson Articles New Law Allows Immediate Vehicle Impound after DWI Arrest

New Law Allows Immediate Vehicle Impound after DWI Arrest

By Law Office Douglas W. Atkinson  Sep. 6, 2011 5:32p

Was your car impounded after you were charged with drunk driving?

On July 22nd, a new state law went into effect concerning those arrested for drunk driving.  The law states that the car belonging to an individual charged with  DWI must be automatically impounded for twelve hours.  The reason for this new law as stated by Washington legislature is to prevent someone who was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol to immediately get back behind the wheel after they are let out of jail.  In 2007, an individual filed suit against a Washington county and was awarded $5 million for injuries sustained from a drunk driver.  The driver who caused the accident had been arrested for DWI and released from jail just a few hours earlier.

The new DWI vehicle impound law is being strictly upheld by law enforcement officials.  When an officer stops a driver under suspicion of intoxication and then deems that person DWI, their vehicle is towed to an impound facility and held there for no less than twelve hours.  The owner is then responsible for all towing and impound fees.  These fees can be quite significant even for just the minimum twelve hours of impoundment.

There are a few exceptions to the impound law.  If the driver of the vehicle who was arrested for DWI was not the owner of the car, the owner can come to the location and retrieve it.  For example, if a minor is charged with drunk driving while operating a car belonging to his or her parents, the parents can pick up the car and it will not be impounded.  Another exception is for commercial vehicles or farm transport vehicles when the driver is not the owner.

How a Montgomery County DWI Attorney Could Help

If your car was impounded after you or a loved one was arrested for DWI, you should speak with DWI attorney Doug Atkinson right away.  There are many defenses that may be employed to show that an arrest was unjustified.  When a client's case is taken on, every piece of evidence is carefully evaluated.  Any deviations from standard procedure or violations of your legal rights are brought fully into view.  Mr. Atkinson has obtained positive outcomes in a variety of cases from simple to seemingly hopeless and complex cases.  A Conroe DWI attorney from his firm may be able to help you!

It's important to act fast in drunk driving matters so contact a Conroe DWI lawyer now to schedule an initial consultation and case evaluation. 

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