Gold & Witham Articles Authorities Continue Holiday DUI Crackdown

Authorities Continue Holiday DUI Crackdown

By Gold & Witham  Jan. 4, 2013 4:30p

Statistics Mixed, Law Enforcement Officials Claim

Recent reports released by local Los Angeles police departments indicate that the figures for DUI-related arrests over the first part of the holidays has gone down from last year. The statistics currently available for the second half of December show the number of arrests down by nearly five hundred from 2011.

This decrease in the number of DUI incidents has been attributed to the effort in education and prevention by various local law enforcement agencies, who have stepped up campaigns to inform the populace about the dangers of drinking and driving while also providing alternatives for intoxicated holiday revelers. According to the report, over the period of heightened DUI enforcement from December 14-29, there were only 1,773 arrests on charges relating to intoxicated driving, down from the previous year's 2,205 over the same time frame.

While authorities say they are pleased with the results, the numbers are not necessarily entirely complete. Several districts have not yet reported their final statistics for the period, they warned, which could cause the total to go up. Still, police officials said they were optimistic that the total would still be lower than the previous year.

Increased Police Presence Continues Through Beginning Of 2013

The overall happy tone of the report was tempered however by the increase in total DUI arrests statewide. While LA County had shown a decrease, the California Highway Patrol indicated that they had seen a jump in DUI numbers over the period from December 21st to the 25th, with 39 DUI-related fatalities, compared to only 14 previously. Total arrests in that period also decreased, up from 980 in 2011 to 1,170 this year.

Despite the mixed statistics, law enforcement officers say they intend to continue the heightened DUI security as planned, continuing to run checkpoints and increased patrols through the first week of January. Warning potential New Years Eve revelers, officials with Los Angeles County's law enforcement agencies claim they will step up patrols, with undercover vice officers and checkpoints working in tandem to deter drunk drivers.

In addition, Los Angeles city officials say they are making an effort to provide alternative modes of transport for holiday partygoers. Between the hours of 9 pm and 2 am, all Metro train lines and subways are offering free rides, hoping the services will prevent people from getting behind the wheel.

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