Javier Rios, San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney
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Javier Rios, San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

Javier Rios, San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney, Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorney – Jury Trials and Negotiated Settlements.
Javier Rios, San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney
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Javier Rios has dedicated more than 25 years to defending people accused of crime. He is a seasoned trial attorney, not a paper shuffler. He has successfully represented people in many trials, from DUI to murder. Some of his work has been described on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News as well described in other newspapers and news websites across the state and across the country. He fights hard to defend his clients and protect their rights in a court system that often wants to just roll over people.

Considerable legal firepower (--The San Jose Mercury News)

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Los Altos
Los Gatos
Mountain View
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Practice Areas

Boating Under the Influence
DMV Hearings
DUI and Drugs
DUI Defense
DUI with Injuries
Felony DUI
Multiple DUIs
Out of State DUI
Underage DUI

Javier Rios

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EXPERIENCED, AWARD WINNING Javier Rios is an award winning lawyer from San Jose, California. He graduated from UC Berkeley and one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, the University of ... read more »
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