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Arizona DUI Prevention Measures

By Knowles Law Firm, PLC  Sep. 11, 2012 1:57p

Many measures have been put into place in Arizona to reduce and prevent drunk driving. These include the laws which make .08 percent blood alcohol concentration the legal limit, the Zero Tolerance Law for those under 21, the minimum legal drinking age of 21, and the administrative license revocation action following a DUI conviction. Other preventive measures could be taken which would result in potential savings for the state, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. These strategies include intensive sobriety checkpoints, graduated licensing, enforcing laws concerning serving intoxicated patrons, and implementing server training programs, which include education and training for those who serve alcohol to customers in bars, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Sobriety checkpoints are already part of Arizona law enforcement efforts to reduce drunk driving in many of the state's counties. While many consider it unconstitutional, violating a citizen's right to be free of unreasonable investigation, others consider these checkpoints as necessary and effective. Other measures, such as graduated licensing, enforcing laws about serving intoxicated customers, and training programs to educate servers in how to reduce alcohol-related driving do not bring up the thorny question of constitutionality. Per the Arizona Department of Public Safety, these latter strategies could significantly reduce drunk driving and its consequences. The server educational strategy alone could provide savings of up to $200 in crash costs per licensed driver in the state.

Hiring a Phoenix DUI Defense Law Firm

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