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Home Detention in Arizona DUI Cases

By Knowles Law Firm, PLC  Apr. 3, 2012 9:31a

Home detention, or house arrest, may be served at the discretion of the court in some DUI cases. Where an offender has been sentenced to jail time, he or she may serve an initial amount of time in jail and be released to home detention for the remainder. In a first-time DUI offense, where the mandatory minimum jail sentence is one day, if further detention has been sentenced, it may be served at home if the offender qualifies. In cases of extreme DUI (a blood alcohol concentration of .15 percent or more) and super extreme DUI (a blood alcohol concentration of .20 or more), jail time can be reduced to only serving 20 percent of one’s sentence before being released to home detention. This is a significant reduction in county jail time.

Those serving house arrest are required to wear a tracking bracelet which only permits them to go beyond a few feet outside of their residence. This tracking device transmits a signal to law enforcement centers when the offender moves beyond his allowed area. Only authorized visits to attend certain appointments or activities, such as a doctor’s appointment, DUI class, or other activities are allowed by the court for those placed under home detention.

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Although house arrest may sound like a relatively easy way to serve out your DUI sentence, it is better not to be convicted in the first place. A DUI conviction gives you a permanent criminal record which can adversely affect your job prospects and other future opportunities. Getting qualified legal help following a DUI arrest is imperative. This field of law is complicated, involving scientific, medical, and legal factors. The laws are constantly changing as well. Going it alone after being charged with a DUI is not a smart choice.

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