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Sanctions against Repeat DUI Offenders

By Knowles Law Firm, PLC  Sep. 11, 2012 1:57p

The majority of DUI offenders in Arizona, as in the rest of the nation, are individuals facing this charge for the first time. The penalties for a DUI are heavy, purposely made so to discourage and reduce drunk driving and the injuries and fatalities they can cause. Repeat offenders are punished even more harshly than first offenders. Several types of interventions have been created in Arizona as in other states to deter repeat offenders from again making the mistake of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs.

These interventions include vehicle impoundment, the ignition interlock device, electronically monitored house arrest, and intensive probation supervision with mandatory alcohol or drug treatment. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, vehicle impoundment may decrease repeat DUI incidents by as much as 38 percent. Requiring an ignition interlock device for one year after a DUI conviction has been shown to reduce repeat DUI offenses by as much as 75 percent and fatalities connected with alcohol abuse by seven percent. Ignition interlock device requirements are used in Arizona in cases of second-offense convictions and for those convicted of extreme DUI. House arrest, where a convicted offender is restricted to his home and monitored by an electronic ankle bracelet, has been estimated to decrease repeat DUIs by 31 percent. The supervised probation sentence addresses the reasons why DUI offenders drink in the first place with intensive counseling or treatment and close monitoring of the person's driving activities.

Arrested for a DUI in Phoenix?

Whether you are a first-offense DUI arrestee or a repeat offender, facing DUI charges is a serious legal matter which can have a major impact on your life. Not all DUI charges are fair or accurate; that is why you should seek professional legal help from an attorney who focuses on this often complicated area, which involves laws, science, and technical factors. Knowles Law Firm, PLC has been defending clients in DUI cases in and around Phoenix for many years and has earned a well-respected reputation for its accomplished results.

If you are facing any type of DUI charge, your first order of business should be to remain silent and seek the services of an attorney. Attorney Anthony Knowles and his experienced legal team are available to answer your legal questions and provide the guidance you need in this critical matter today.

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