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The Flaws of Breath and Blood Tests

By Knowles Law Firm, PLC  Nov. 5, 2010 3:33p

Whenever a driver is suspected of being intoxicated, a law enforcement officer will pull the driver over and will most likely submit them to several different tests, which determine if a driver is intoxicated. These usually consist of a series of field sobriety tests, followed by breath or blood tests that measure the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level of a driver. If a driver fails these tests the officer can arrest them and charge them for driving under the influence (DUI). If you have been arrested or charged for DUI following submission to breath or blood tests, a Phoenix DUI lawyer may be able to help strengthen the defense of your case.

Breath tests consist of the use of a Breathalyzer, which estimates a driver's BAC by testing for the presence of alcohol on their breath. These can be extremely inaccurate if they are not properly maintained or administered correctly, which can void them as valid evidence in a DUI trial. They can also be inaccurate even if they are used correctly and are properly maintained because all testing equipment can have inaccuracies.

Blood tests are a more accurate form of testing than breath tests, which gather a direct sample of blood from the accused and are sent off to scientific labs, which run analysis tests to determine the concentration of alcohol in a person's blood. These tests too though are not always accurate, and can be challenged in court.

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If you or a loved one are facing DUI charges following these kinds of blood and breath tests, an experienced DUI attorney can assist you by investigating the evidence and fighting on your behalf against your charges. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC we have years of experience that we will utilize in an effort to aggressively defend your case and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

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