Law Office of Scott Lawrence, PLLC Articles Changes to Washington’s DUI Laws Proposed by Legislators

Changes to Washington’s DUI Laws Proposed by Legislators

By Law Office of Scott Lawrence, PLLC  May. 21, 2013 11:43a

In April of this year, the governor of Washington State announced a proposed plan to toughen DUI laws in the state. The plan, advanced by a bipartisan group in the state's legislature, is modeled after a similar program in South Dakota. Under the new law, a first-offense DUI would require an arrest in all cases. Anyone with a prior conviction within the last decade would also face a mandatory arrest. The law would set mandatory minimum jail terms for first and second offenses. On a second offense, the person might not be required to serve the mandatory jail time if he or she took part in a substance abuse program which would call for random breathalyzer tests. Ignition interlock devices would be required on a person's vehicle after being charged, as opposed to after being convicted unless the court allowed an exception. After a third-offense DUI, the person would be sentenced to 364 days in jail. They would also be given an identification card which would ban them from being able to buy alcoholic beverages for ten years. A fourth conviction would become a felony.

A Senate committee approved the bill this month and it will now advance to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

The Washington State Patrol reports that approximately 40,000 DUI arrests are made every year in the state. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) reports that 34 percent of the traffic fatalities in the state are caused by drunk or drug-impaired drivers.

Criminal and DUI Defense in Everett, Washington

The laws regarding drunk and drug-impaired driving are constantly being changed, generally in the direction of greater restrictions as legislators work to reduce traffic accidents and improve road safety for all. Anyone arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs in Washington faces tough consequences, which may only get tougher as new bills like the above are proposed. Because of the harsh repercussions of a DUI arrest and charge, it is crucial that anyone in this situation seek and retain qualified legal representation.

At the Law Office of Scott Lawrence, PLLC you will find a tough litigator with unique and outstanding credentials to help you fight DUI charges. Mr. Lawrence has a science degree in chemistry, is a former private investigator, and his outstanding track record of legal successes has earned him a Superb Avvo rating of 9.7 (out of 10). As a result, he is one of the top DUI defenders in the Everett area. His services come highly recommended by former clients and legal peers. To find out more about his qualifications and to read what other clients say about him, visit his website at He offers a free, initial consultation to potential clients. Contact his firm to schedule your case review.

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