DUI Blood and Breath Tests

By Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein  Nov. 5, 2010 2:58p

Whenever a driver is pulled over by a law enforcement officer on suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that officer can request that the driver submit to a breath or blood test. In the state of California, even if you refuse at first, if you are lawfully arrested for a DUI charge you are required to allow a test to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A Los Angeles DUI lawyer can assist you in understanding these tests and the California laws that surround them if you have submitted to them either before or after your arrest.

The two types of chemical tests generally used include a breath and blood test. A breath test usually uses a handheld device called a Breathalyzer. You can refuse this test, but this will result in your license being revoked for an extended period. The second test is a blood test, which more accurately determines the amount of alcohol in your blood. Neither test is infallible however; both can be administered incorrectly and are subject to questioning by an experienced DUI attorney.

DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles

If your or a loved one has been charged with a DUI following the use of chemical testing you need the help of an aggressive attorney who can help you fight these difficult charges. At the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein we can provide you with the years of legal knowledge at our disposal and utilize our expertise in building the most effective defense case possible for you. We understand that these charges are stressful and can cause problems in your life on top of facing penalties if you are convicted, so we will help fight the charges and challenge the evidence in every way possible.

Contact a Los Angeles DUI Attorney at our offices today to help build the best possible defense for your case!

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