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Son of Clark Gable Faces DUI Charges

John Clark Gable, who is the son of the legendary actor Clarke Gable, was arrested the first week of April for an alleged hit and run, as well as driving under the influence. His bail was set at ...

Vehicle Manslaughter Tied to DUI in California

DUI in California can lead to severe consequences – including a common type of homicide – vehicular manslaughter. In a fatal twist of events, 50 year old Vincent Morales is now being charged with this ...

New Federal Push Advocates Zero Tolerance for Stoned Driving

Current laws for Marijuana advocate the theory that marijuana can indeed cause impairment while driving. At the present time, California laws hold that all residents as well as out-of-state drivers ...

California DUI Law Changes In 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, former DUI laws in California have changed from the previous year. Here are the top DUI law changes that are worth taking a note of:

How to Exercise Your Rights during A DUI Stop

Anyone who is pulled over in the state of California for DUI has certain rights. California’s laws state the following for drivers who may come under the suspicion of DUI:
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