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Politician Found Not Guilty Of DUI Charge

By Okabe & Haushalter  Oct. 23, 2012 9:59a

Jury Rules On DUI Case, Finds In Favor Of Defendant

After being arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, a suspect was able to avoid a conviction with the help of his defense team. The politician told media he spent $15,000 on defense fees, but that it was worth the expense to prove his innocence.

The suspect, an Assemblyman with the West Covina City Council, sought a jury trial in his DUI defense case, believing it would be his best chance at an acquittal. His defense team agreed, and asked for the right to a trial by a jury of his peers.

"The jury process was an opportunity for the jury to hear the full story," the defendant said to reporters, claiming the opportunity had, "reaffirmed the position that I've had since day one, that ultimately going through the process, the outcome would be favorable."

According to court records, the Assemblyman has been pulled over on March 27th at approximately 2 AM. He had been drinking wine, he admitted to the jury, but said he was not impaired. When law enforcement officers stopped him, they said he displayed several signs of intoxication, including bloodshot eyes and failing several field sobriety tests.

Witnesses Aid In DUI Suspect's Defense Case

The defendant's attorneys, however, argued that other factors contributed to the alleged symptoms of intoxication. The bloodshot eyes, they claimed, were a result of allergies. Cold weather and sloped pavement prevented him from being able to properly perform the tests, the defense lawyers said, as well as the wind.

One of the primary concerns was over the blood alcohol content test results. According to the prosecution, the results had been returned at exactly .08 percent, precisely the legal limit at which a driver is considered intoxicated. With the help of several witnesses, however, the defense argued that the blood samples were mishandled, compromising the result.

During cross examination, the prosecution's expert witness admitted that there could be a .01 percent margin for error in such tests, which the defense claimed made it impossible to prove the client was truly intoxicated. The jury agreed, and chose to find the defendant not guilty.

A DUI Defense Can Help You Today

Although being arrested on suspicion of DUI can be extremely frightening, there is hope! With the help of a skilled defense lawyer, you can combat your charges and pursue a not-guilty verdict. At the Law Offices of Okabe & Haushalter, our legal team has the experience handling DUI defense cases necessary to protect your rights and win you your freedom back. Visit our website at http://www.bay-area-dui-lawyer.com to read more about your legal options. We can help you fight to protect yourself before it is too late.

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