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Victim Loses Life In Collision Caused By Alleged DUI

By Law Office of Walter Fey  Jan. 3, 2012 11:45a

Trailer Comes Loose and Collides With Oncoming Car in Reno

A woman lost her life in what authorities are claiming was a DUI-related car collision in early November in Douglas County, Nevada. According to the initial report released by law enforcement officials, the incident took place on the evening of November 6 th, at approximately 6:41 pm. The victim, who has been identified as a 51-year-old woman from Wellington, was driving her vehicle east on State Road 208. Her sedan, a silver 2006 Toyota Scion, was nearing the path of a driver whom officers with the Nevada Highway Patrol claim was driving while intoxicated.

As the victim headed east, she approached the path of the suspect, a 34-year-old Gardnerville man who was driving a pickup truck the opposite direction on the two-lane highway. His white 2008 Dodge Ram pickup was towing a trailer behind it, which in turn was carrying a 1978 model Jeep CJ-5. In addition to his trailer, the driver had three passengers inside the truck.

Troopers Claim Driver Failed Field Sobriety Tests after Accident

After investigating the incident, highway patrolmen say they believe that the driver of the truck swerved to one side of the road as he approached the victim's Scion. When he tried to correct his rightward drift, the trailer became unattached to the pickup and continued into the lane, where it struck the oncoming victim.

As her Scion collided with the trailer, the force of impact broke the Jeep free of its restraints. The Jeep rolled over the top of the sedan, further damaging the car. The driver in the pickup meanwhile pulled over to the side of the road without suffering any injury to himself or his occupants.

Emergency responders arrived shortly thereafter and were able to extricate the victim from her sedan, transporting her via helicopter to nearby Reno Regional Medical Center. Her injuries were severe, and she passed away in the early morning the following Thursday. Investigators accuse the driver of the pickup truck of driving under the influence of alcohol, using a series of failed field sobriety tests as evidence of intoxication. He is currently out on bail, and is awaiting formal charges.

A DUI Defense Attorney Can Fight On Your Behalf

If you have been accused of taking a life during an accident while driving under the influence, the penalties you face are extremely severe. It is of utmost importance that you seek the aid of an aggressive Reno DUI defense attorney from the Law Office of Walter Fey as soon as possible. Without expert representation from an experienced attorney, you can expect to be convicted of vehicular manslaughter or even murder. You deserve the strongest defense possible, and the legal team at our firm will fight to provide it for you.

Do not hesitate to act immediately! Contact a Reno vehicular manslaughter lawyer with our firm as soon as possible.

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