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Driver In Marijuana DUI Case Convicted In Kansas

By Law Offices of Charles Green  Oct. 28, 2011 3:21p

Suspicion Roused After Kansas Man Drove Onto Front Lawn

A defendant in a recent court case in Leavenworth County, Kansas, was convicted of charges of DUI involving drugs in October, after forensic analysis confirmed the presence of THC in his system.

According to testimony before the Leavenworth County District Court during the trial, he was spotted driving erratically by an officer with the Basehor Police Department. On the evening of August 21st, the policeman told the court, the defendant was driving near 155 th Street and Parallel Road when he began to drive suspiciously.

The law enforcement officer watched as the driver missed an attempted left-hand turn, swerving off the road, over the sidewalk, and came to a stop on the front lawn of a nearby residence. After speaking with the driver for a few moments, during which he claims the defendant smelled noticeably of burnt marijuana, the cop asked him to perform a series of field sobriety tests. Upon his failure to perform adequately during this examination, the defendant was placed under arrest.

Latest Arrest Makes Fourth DUI Conviction For Defendant

Authorities testified before the courtroom that the suspect was taken into police custody and transported to nearby Saint John Hospital, where he was administered several blood toxicology tests. Testifying before the court, a forensic specialist with the police department confirmed that the examination showed the presence of THC in the defendant's blood on the night of the arrest.

In defense of his client, the DUI defense attorney representing the defendant chose not to contest the fact that the suspect had marijuana in his system. Rather, he chose to challenge the definition of 'impairment', arguing that it was difficult to prove that the defendant was unable to drive adequately due to the substances he had ingested.

Unfortunately for the defendant, the court did not prove receptive to this argument. He was convicted of a felony DUI charge, his fourth such conviction. He is currently in police custody awaiting sentencing, which could include a year in jail.

A DUI Drug Defense Lawyer Can Help You Today

If you have been arrested on charges of felony DUI, the penalties facing you are extremely serious, no matter what the substance you were allegedly under the influence of. Alcohol is arguably the most common such substance, but marijuana and other illegal narcotics can all lead to a conviction for DUI. It is essential that you act quickly in this scenario by seeking out the aid of an experienced and professional  Kansas City DUI defense attorney right away! The sooner an advocate with the Law Offices of Charles Green is contacted, the better the chances you have of beating your charges. The legal team at our firm has a wealth of experience in handling all varieties of DUI cases.

Do not hesitate to contact a Kansas City drug DUI lawyer with our firm for a free initial consultation!

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