The Law offices of Charles R. Green Articles Probation Ordered For Defendant In Felony DUI Case

Probation Ordered For Defendant In Felony DUI Case

By Law Office of Charles R. Green  Oct. 28, 2011 3:23p

Plea Bargain Sends Driver To Drug Treatment Program

After pleading guilty to charges of felony DUI and aggravated battery, a driver was sentenced to spend the next 36 months in an in-patient substance abuse treatment facility.

The judge stated that, in accordance with the victim's wishes, the defendant should be allowed to seek treatment for his addiction to narcotics. A 53-year-old businessman from Olathe, the driver's father and co-owner in the company had officially released him from his managerial position after an unrelated incident involving methamphetamines and an assault on a police officer several months prior to the accident.

On the night of the collision, authorities claim that the man was ingesting chemical cleaner in his car, also known as "huffing", while he was driving. Although no alcohol is believed to have been involved, police say the driver was nevertheless intoxicated by the fumes.

Victim Suffers Broken Neck In Kansas City Automobile Accident

The wreck occurred on the night of December 14th of last year, according to recently released court documents. As the victim told the courtroom during the trial, she was struck from behind while waiting at a stop sign at the intersection of Quivira Road and 91 st Street, just outside her home, while driving her two young daughters to piano practice. The girls, aged 8 and 9, were relatively unharmed in the collision.

Emergency paramedics were able to save the mother's life, transporting her to a hospital before it was too late. Given the severity of her injuries, including a neck broken in two places, the woman is still recovering from the incident. She told the court that her children were still in counseling for emotional trauma inflicted by the accident.

While speaking before the court, the victim said she supported the idea of the plea deal, hoping that it would help prevent the man from hurting anyone else. During sentencing, the judge warned the defendant that, should he fail to complete the treatment program, he would be sent directly to prison, saying this was his final chance.

A DUI Defense Attorney In Kansas City Is Here To Help

If you have been accused of DUI, regardless of what substance you are alleged to have ingested, the consequences are dire. With the aid of an experienced Kansas City DUI defense lawyer, however, you can contest your charges and defend your rights. At the Law Office of Charles R. Green, our legal team is dedicated to the defense of each and every client we represent. We can provide you the benefit of our knowledge and experience in handling a wide variety of DUI cases.

Please, contact a Kansas City felony DUI lawyer at Charles Green as soon as possible!

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