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Commercial Drivers and Florida DUI

By Thomas & Paulk, P.A.  Sep. 12, 2012 12:51p

A Florida DUI conviction can turn into a long-term hardship for any driver. For a commercial driver, it can mean the temporary or permanent loss of one's livelihood. A commercially-licensed driver in Florida can be convicted of a DUI with a .04 percent blood alcohol concentration as measured on a breathalyzer test. This measurement is half of the legal limit for other drivers. Once convicted of a first-time DUI, the commercial driver will lose his license for up to year.

Commercial drivers can also lose their licenses for driving a commercial vehicle while in possession of a controlled substance or for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test. When losing their license, they are disqualified from driving any commercial vehicle and are also prohibited from applying for a hardship license. Commercial drivers must wait the full year of the suspension and then will be required to pay a disqualification reinstatement fee to restore their license. Commercial drivers are also subject to license suspensions when convicted of two or three traffic violations within three years. Two violation convictions will result in a 60-day suspension while three violation convictions will result in a 120-day suspension. Disqualification reinstatement fees are also required to restore driving privileges in these cases as well.

Get Competent DUI Defense Help in Tampa

For a Florida commercial license holder, losing your driving privileges can effectively end your employment until your license can be restored. This can be a crushing blow to any professional truck driver and his family, who are depending on him for this vital income. That is why fighting a Florida DUI conviction is so essential for the commercial driver.

At the law offices of Thomas & Paulk, P.A. the firm's attorneys have focused on DUI defense for years, handling thousands of cases with effective and skilled legal strategies. They know and thoroughly understand what is involved and how best to proceed in any DUI case and will work diligently to help you achieve the best possible result. To learn more about the firm and about how an attorney can help you, contact their offices to arrange for a case evaluation today.

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