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By Thomas & Paulk, P.A.  Jul. 23, 2012 3:47p

Just when you think DUI stories couldn't get any crazier- they do. Recently, a man was arrested for drunk driving after operating a homemade motorized barstool (which could go up to 38 mph), after consuming 15 beers. Many states allow arrests for drunk drivers operating nontraditional vehicles: as a result, people have gotten arrested for being drunk while horseback riding, riding on a bike, operating a lawnmower, and so forth.

Other crazy stories have included: the man who owned a motorized beer cooler and was arrested for driving it drunk, the New Jersey man who was arrested for five DWIs within five weeks, the man who got charged with drunk driving while operating his lawn mower, the woman who rammed her horse into a police car while riding it under the influence of drugs and alcohol and the Montana resident who after being arrested for DUI said it wasn't his fault because at the time of the accident a unicorn was driving his car.

Then there was the man who showed up to his DUI court hearing drunk and who was charged with another DUI and the man who called police saying he was abusing his wife (which police saw no evidence of), only to be arrested for an outstanding DUI warrant.

Regardless of the nature involving your DUI arrest, Thomas & Paulk, P.A. can help. We know that this can be a very scary time for you and we also know that for most people, a DUI is a simple mistake. You drank too much, got a little disoriented and made some poor decisions. You recognize your errors and you have no desire to get behind a wheel drunk again.

Unfortunately, many remorseful, "normal" individuals have to face extremely harsh penalties, thanks to the five-time-DUIs-in-one-week and a-unicorn-was-operating-my-car offenders. Nonetheless, you are innocent until proven guilty, and even if you did make the mistake of driving drunk, a DUI attorney can show that this was a moment of indiscretion and that you don't have a pattern of making these kinds of errors.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help You

Besides challenging your arrest, questioning, tests and the testimony of your arresting officer, a DUI attorney can participate in plea bargaining. Better yet, many times prosecutors will drop a DUI charge against you if it's your first DUI offense and you plead for supervision. If you are a first time DUI offender, the chances of having your charges reduced are much more likely.

Often a DUI attorney can argue for a "reckless driving" charge which means that you will pay less, have less of a social stigma, not necessarily have your license revoked, not have to serve time in jail and not have to deal with insurance premium increases.

Fortunately for you, the burden of proof is upon the prosecution team. If he cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving with a BAC level higher than the legal limit and that your driving abilities were impaired as a result, you cannot be charged with a crime.

While it is possible to have your charges reduced or dismissed, you will need a competent defense team on your side. A DUI case can be a complex one to navigate and details that might seem insignificant to you could have an immense impact upon your case. Without the aid of a legal expert, it is not uncommon for a defendant to accept a plea bargain that is not in their best interests or to face maximum penalties.

Thomas & Paulk, P.A. has handled cases involving DUI scooters, first, second and third DUI, hit and run, and DUI & drugs, just to name a few. Get the aggressive legal representation you need on your side today!

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