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DUI charges are extremely serious and should be addressed by a competent and aggressive attorney—a lawyer who can fight for you and the resolution that is in your best interests. If you are facing indictments of DUI charges and are wondering where you can turn to receive the help and support you need at this pivotal juncture in your life, look no further than MayesTelles. When you come to this firm, a Phoenix DUI defense lawyer can come to your assistance and investigate the details of your case, bringing to light anything that could assist you in lowering your charges.

If you were pulled over by a law enforcement officer and charged with DUI, you were most likely given a breath and blood test or a field sobriety test of some kind. If it can be proven that your test was not conducted legally, your charges could be greatly reduced! It is of the utmost importance that you do not waste any time in seeking out the help you need, as details are often more easily misunderstood or lost between the cracks as time goes on.

An attorney at this office will be glad to sit down with you and go over Arizona laws regarding DUI. In addition, if you have questions about the various nuances involved in extreme DUI, aggravated DUI, or other DUI charges, do not hesitate to ask a knowledgeable lawyer at the firm. If you are dealing with allegations of DUI, you do not want to wait to seek out the help and support you need. The team at this law office is ready to take on your case and fight for you! Simply pick up the phone today and contact a lawyer at this office to begin down the pathway to success.

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