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Have you been charged with driving under the influence? You should contact a Kansas City DUI attorney from Steve Schanker, Attorney at Law. This respected law firm has been AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell for their high quality of service and legal skill. You do not need to plead guilty to a DUI charge. With the help of a member of legal team, you could receive qualified assistance in regards to breath and blood tests, DUI involving accidents, DUI involving drugs, felony DUI, and first time DUI. To learn more about how they could help you, contact a Kansas City DUI lawyer.

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Posted by Tyler G on 27-Jan-2012
At the age of 21 with the future ahead of me and unsure of even how to find a lawyer that would go the extra mile for me I called Steve Schanker and he was more than polite, courtesy, and friendly during our first call and meeting. So my father wanted to go with someone else, but I wanted to meet Steve first. My family was concerned about the serious consequences that would create damaging implications for my future. After the first meeting I discovered that Steve is an experienced and affordable lawyer that would assess my case to the fullest in order to try and get the charges dismissed which he did state in my first meeting that he does this for all clients. Steve clearly understands the detailed process that all officers that arrests you on the charge of DUI/DWI must follow. In my case he did find slip-ups within the processes involved in my case that resulted in the dismissal of all charges against me. Steve did find other technicalities that also helped support the dismissal of the DWI, Carless Driving, and Speeding tickets issued against me. This was more than just a DWI case I did hit another car, but Steve knowledge and experience still got me off the hook complete. In my case the blood and alcohol level tests was clearly not properly carried out, but the test showed my BAC more than double the legal limit. Steve is truly the best expert in Kansas City he understands what a lawyer is supposed to look for, and is extremely knowledgeable on all loop-holes that can help clients get there DWI dismissed. Steve was always free when I had any question rather this be by phone, texting, or email this helped reduce my stress involving the case. Within all the loop-holes that he found in my case Steve was able to prove to the Prosecutor that there where far too many technicalities committed by the law enforcement in my case and was able to get the Prosecutor to agree to a non-driving violation of defective equipment and only charged me 300 dollar fine. Yes Steve was able to provide with a clean record and no Safe-top, no SR-22, no probation, and no points on my driver license. Steve truly is the best DWI/DUI lawyer in Kansas City you have no reason to not choose him to represent you in your case he fights for clients until the end.