Douglas W. Atkinson Articles APD Officer Arrested for DWI among Other Charges

APD Officer Arrested for DWI among Other Charges

By Douglas W. Atkinson  Mar. 11, 2011 10:15a

Williamson County, Texas – A former Conroe Police Department Officer Leonardo Quintana received one year probation and $400 in fines in connection with his January 2010 DWI arrest. In addition to the $400 fine, Quintana will also be responsible for court fees. If you have been arrested for DWI, contact an experienced DWI attorney right away.

Quintana's drinking problem was no mystery to his boss. Quintana had been suffering psychologically, after a fallout stemming from the Nathanial Sanders shooting. He had turned to alcohol to ease his pain and allegedly, after his drinking became a "problem," he discussed his heavy drinking with the police chief. Quintana pleaded guilty at his trial on January 31st, to driving while intoxicated. Quintana has been fired twice from the Conroe Police Department; he got re-hired after being fired the first time, only to be fired again six days later. Quintana supposedly has not touched alcohol since his January 2010 arrest and has sought professional help for his drinking problem.

The DWI was not Quintana's first brush with the law. Quintana has been arrested by Leander police on four charges of allegedly assaulting his then-fiancée, who also happens to be a fellow Conroe police officer. The charges spanning from November 2008 to October 2009 include criminal mischief, assault-family violence,criminal trespass and again, assault-family violence.

DWI Defense Attorney in Conroe

Apparently, even police officers get the blues. DWI arrests can happen to anyone, even law enforcement. If you or someone you love has been arrested for DWI in Conroe or the surrounding areas, contact an Conroe DWI defense lawyer from Douglas W. Atkinson, P.C. today. There are a number of DWI defenses that we may be able to apply to your specific DWI case. Having an experienced DWI attorney by yours side can make all the difference in the outcome of your DWI case.

Contact an Conroe DWI defense attorney from our firm today for a free initial consultation.

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