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DUI under the age of 21
Different rules apply to an under 21 driver charged with DUI. Watch this video to find out more.
Out of State DUI
Are you from out of state but charged with DUI in California? We can help.
DUI Politics
Politics is a large part of defending against DUI cases.

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ALR Hearing

Thomas A. D'Amore explains the ALR hearing process and how he can assist you with your hearing.
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Choosing an OWI Attorney

Mark Freedman discusses qualities to look for when choosing a criminal defense attorney.
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How Will a DUI Affect My Career? - Clearwater DUI Defense Attorney

Many people ask, "How will a DUI affect my career?" While the impact of a DUI varies, there are certain professions that will be impacted immediately by a DUI. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, ...
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OUI Process

Thomas Brant, a criminal defense lawyer in Boston, provides information about the OUI process in Massachusetts.
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Know Your Attorney

Nigel Witham discusses the importance of knowing who your attorney is that will be defending you.
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Varghese Summersett | Tried and True Trial Attorneys

Experience and trust matter. The defense attorneys at Varghese Summersett have decades of experience and a proven track record of success. Former prosecutors. Board Certified in Criminal Law. Free ...
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Arrested for DUI? How to set up a DMV Hearing

Arrested for DUI? You must set up a DMV Hearing. Criminal Defense Lawyer, Ivan O.B. Morse discusses what to do.
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Why Hire Davis & Hoss, PC

The attorneys at Davis & Hoss, PC have the experience, resources, and drive needed to prepare and fight your case.
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Testing Over The Legal Limit

Attorney Michael Mirer talks about what you should do if you were pulled over for DUI and tested over the legal limit.
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Tips + Advice If You're Pulled Over for DUI or Drunk Driving

Here are some suggested things to do—and NOT do—if pulled over for Driving Under the Influence. 1. Stay calm, use your turn signal, and pull over. Use your turn signal and carefully pull over to the ...
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