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DUI Politics
Politics is a large part of defending against DUI cases.
Out of State DUI
Are you from out of state but charged with DUI in California? We can help.
Alcohol Effects everyone differently.
Other factors may affect how you perform on a field sobriety test.

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Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney | Barney Gibbs

Q. What changes can take place in an Orange County courtroom and how can they impact the outcome of my DUI or criminal defense case? Veteran Criminal Defense Attorney, Barney Gibbs, answers this ...
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How You Can Appeal If You Lose Your DMV Hearing | Jackson Hilliard

Results of a DMV hearing can be overturned on appeal. In this video Clearwater DUI Defense Attorney Jackson Hillard explains how you can appeal the results of a DMV hearing. Watch more Hilliard Law ...
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The DUI Process

Mr. Witham explains the DUI process, from the DMV hearing to your criminal court case.
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Parks & Braxton - Our Philosophy

Attorney Andrew Parks discusses the philosophy of the firm and speaks to the track record of success and the principle of winning.
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Frequently Asked Rhode Island DUI Questions

Attorney Matthew Marin is an experienced Rhode Island DUI Attorney. In Part One of this six part series on Rhode Island DUI laws, he answers one of the most frequently asked Rhode Island drunk driving ...
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DUI - what to do if stopped for DUI

Stopped for DUI, what do I do? Contact Ivan Morse, a criminal defense attorney at www.ivanmorse.com or www.ivanmorselaw.com. Or call 925-828-5307 for a free consultation.
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Hit and Run

Attorney Matthew McNally speaks about his results with hit and run criminal charges.
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Second DUI Offense Penalties

Orange County DUI Queen, Virginia L. Landry speaks about second offense DUI consequences.
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Field Sobriety Tests are designed for you to fail.

Virginia Landry not only has special training & experience with DUI Defense, she is also a member of the National College of DUI Defenders and has gone through the same training as Police Officers, so ...
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DUI Process

Attorney Miles Kinsell talks about the DUI process and the importance of hiring an experienced lawyer.
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