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Were you pulled over by a law enforcement officer and charged with DUI? You need to know where you can turn to receive the help and support your case requires. Come to The Meranda Law Firm today and seek out the help of a DUI lawyer in Columbus who is prepared to stand by your side and support you. Charges of DUI can be extremely serious and call for trustworthy representation from a tried and true lawyer. When you come to this office, you can rest assured in the support you can receive because an attorney here can first look into the details of your breath and blood test or your field sobriety test. This is an important step in fighting DUI charges because if it can be shown that any part of your test was not conducted in a legal manner, your charges could be greatly lowered—or even eliminated! A lawyer at this office is up to the task. You can receive the help you need for accusations of felony DUI. These charges can be extremely serious, resulting in life-altering penalties that you certainly don't want hanging over your head. If you have been accused of OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence), you could be facing serious potential consequences. Do not be overly alarmed or frightened. Instead, take the proactive approach and seek out the help you need without any further delay. A lawyer at this firm has assisted numerous other individuals who are dealing with complications and hardships much like yours and is well equipped to take on your case and support you at this time. You can also receive the defense you need for charges of multiple DUI/OVI. To get started down the road to a brighter future, contact the law firm without further delay.

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