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Were you pulled over by a law enforcement officer and charged with OUI? You were probably given a field sobriety test or a breath and blood test. While these tests are helpful, they are not always completely accurate. On top of that, they can be manipulated to produce certain outcomes. If it can be proven that your test was not conducted in a legal manner, your charges could be greatly reduced—or dropped altogether. It is critical that you do not waste any time in procuring the help you need, as details are often miscommunicated or lost between the cracks as time goes by. Let Attorney Dave Flanagan help you! He is a OUI lawyer in Quincy who understands the serious nature of your charges and is prepared to provide you with the aggressive defense you need at this time. Are you facing charges of first offense OUI? Have you been charged with multiple OUI? Attorney Flanagan has assisted clients with both charges, and he is well equipped to help you today. He also has experience with allegations of underage OUI and out of state OUI. He has dealt with OUI with injuries, as well, and can offer you the dedicated defense you need at this critical time in your life. Citations of felony OUI/DUI are extremely serious and ought to be combatted immediately by a competent and committed attorney who knows how to effectively and efficiently fight for you and the outcome you desire. If you experienced problems or complications with your license suspension hearing, Attorney Flanagan can come to your assistance and help you work through the details of the situation. He has been providing drunk driving defense for nine years, and he is ready to fight for you! Contact this firm without further delay to learn more.

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