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A Dallas, GA criminal defense attorney from Howard Law Group is prepared to take on your case and fight for your rights! If you are facing criminal indictments, you should not wait to obtain legal representation from a trustworthy attorney who understands the gravity of what's at stake and knows how to defend you. If you have been charged with federal crimes, you could be facing serious consequences. Federal crimes indictments, such as arson and kidnapping, are particularly serious because they often incur highly significant consequences. Theft crimes are extremely important and can result in a wide variety of penalties. There are many different kinds of theft crimes, such as shoplifting, robbery, and burglary. If you have been charged with any of these, you should not hesitate to obtain legal representation from a lawyer you trust. When you come to this law firm, you will find the aggressive criminal defense you need if your case pertains to violent crimes. A lawyer at the office can assist you with all types of charges, from assault and battery to manslaughter and murder. If you are facing drug crimes charges, you should not wait any longer to secure the assistance of an attorney at the law office. The team has experience with the distribution and manufacturing of drugs, as well as possession and sales. Because drug charges can result in such significant penalties, it is critical that you do not delay to obtain the legal representation you need. A lawyer from the office can also help you if you have been charged with DUI. You will receive the help you need throughout the entirety of the DUI process. If you are facing penalties for multiple DUI, you should not hesitate to speak to an associate at the firm. Whatever your case may entail, it is of the utmost importance that you do not delay to obtain professional support from a competent attorney you can count on. When you come to this law office, you can rest assured that your case is in reliable hands. What are you waiting for? Contact a Dallas, GA criminal defense lawyer from the firm today.

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