Javier Rios, San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney Articles Arrested for Domestic Violence? Too Much to Lose?

Arrested for Domestic Violence? Too Much to Lose?

By Javier Rios  Dec. 10, 2016 12:41p

Arrested for Domestic Violence? Too Much to Lose? The Best Domestic Violence Lawyer is What You Need.

When the police arrest you, take you to jail and accuse you of domestic violence, that can turn your world upside down. You can lose your job, your ability to carry firearms, and be left with the permanent stain of a criminal record. If you are in the San Jose area, you need a top domestic violence lawyer in San Jose. A top local defense attorney who knows domestic violence cases is your best bet to successfully handle your case and will give you the best chance. The American judicial system gives every accused person a right to defend himself or herself. The court system is complex however, so you need an experienced attorney, to either negotiate the best plea bargain, get a dismissal or take the matter to jury trial. Domestic violence cases can get very serious and complicated. Such charges can involve a felony, a homicide, a misdemeanor. For such serious matters, it is important for you to get in contact with a lawyer who only handles criminal cases and has a successful track record in the local criminal court.

Domestic violence cases can get messy, very quickly. Sometimes a wife calls the police. Sometimes a husband calls the police. Sometimes there is real domestic violence. Sometimes someone calls the cops, makes up a false story and pretends to be a victim. People can do strange things when they are in, or were in, a relationship. Fighting the charges of domestic violence in San Jose, California is a challenging task since the Santa Clara County District Attorney does its best to prosecute and has many hard working, experienced, and talented trial attorneys. When an accused person faces such a big and powerful District Attorney's Officed, the accused needs an attorney who is the real deal, a top San Jose domestic violence attorney.

Innocent people can be accused of domestic violence. Sometimes the police make a mistake. Sometimes the prosecutor makes a mistake. Sometimes an innocent man or woman stands falsely accused before a jury. But they do not have to stand alone. An experienced lawyer, prepared and ready to go is what is needed.

What happens when someone who made up false allegations refuses to testify? Does that person have rights? Of course they do. But, they need legal advice to know their rights.

The support and guidance of a good attorney who has already served many clients in these kinds of cases is where one should look for help. The United States of America gives its people many rights, but those rights do not mean much if they are not defended. The right attorney can fight tenaciously to defend your rights.

An excellent domestic violence lawyer can work diligently to defend a person's rights with respect to trial rights or getting the best terms on a plea bargain if the client does not want a trial. A plea bargain should include, getting a fair sentence for his client, including reasonable probation conditions such as, classes, counseling or restraining orders. Make no mistake about it though, no matter how good the lawyer is, the client should do their part and cooperate with their attorney. Otherwise, a good case can go bad, too quickly. You should be completely honest and truthful while telling your side of story to your attorney. Remember, what you tell your lawyer is confidential. Being honest with your lawyer can only help you. This helps your lawyer fight for you.

In the San Jose area, Javier Rios is a domestic violence lawyer who gives his best to his clients. His twenty-five years of experience in Santa Clara County fighting domestic violence charges also comes in handy when the going gets tough. When you have too much to lose, when you are charged with domestic violence, you need the best lawyer in your corner. Try calling a top San Jose domestic violence attorney for a free consultation. Try calling or texting (408) 478-4444, Javier Rios' number.

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