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The Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates is one of Chicago's premier criminal defense and DUI law firms. If you have been arrested and you are now facing DUI charges then you are likely aware of the penalties that could result if you are convicted. Harsh consequences such as jail time, hefty fines, community service, and more await those who are formally found guilty of the charges that were made against them after a failed breath or blood test, field sobriety test, and the like. In order to combat the arguments that will be made against DUI suspects under court review, it is imperative that a skilled Chicago DUI attorney be employed to help, and that is exactly what the team at The Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates is prepared to do. Associates at the law firm are familiar with courthouses throughout Cook County, as they regularly make appearances there in the defense and representation of their clients. Those who align themselves with a member from the firm will likely benefit greatly, as representation is provided to underage offenders, out of state drivers, and local residents alike. At the Chicago based law firm, no one will be automatically denied representation and no case will be immediately ruled out as one that cannot be helped.

If you are questioning why you should hire an attorney, then you need only look to the track record of success that The Law Offices of Howard J. Wise & Associates has been able to provide many of the clients it serves. From felony DUI cases that involved injury accidents to drugs & DUI charges, there is virtually nothing out of scope when it comes to the areas of practice that it has to offer those in need of sound legal defense. In fact, as former prosecutors you can rely on the team's insider knowledge about how the other side of the law works. Whether you are looking to challenge an unlawful police stop or you are weighing the options of a plea bargain vs. trial, the aggressive defenders at the firm will more than likely be able to assist with all of your needs and more. There is no telling just what might arise as the proceedings of your DUI case play out; therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure that you have a defense lawyer on your side that is ready to tackle any situation that may arise. When you are in need of unwavering legal defense in the face of a potential DUI conviction there is no better firm to turn to for the help you need. You can even learn more about license suspension/ revocation, MDDP, and the dos and don'ts when pulled over.

Contact a Chicago DUI lawyer from Howard J. Wise & Associates for the defense you need and deserve.

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