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Are you searching for a DWI lawyer in Bronx? If you were stopped by a law enforcement officer and indicted with charges of DWI, it is of the utmost importance that you know where you can turn to receive the help and support your case requires. It is of the utmost importance that you know where you can turn to procure the representation you need at this time in your life. When you come to The Law Offices of Elliot S. Kay, you can receive the aggressive defense your case requires for accusations of DWI. You were most likely given a breath and blood test or field sobriety test of some kind. If it can be proven that your test was not conducted in a legal manner, your charges could be greatly lowered—or eliminated completely. You should not waste any time in seeking out the help and support you need in fighting your charges and pursuing a fresh start at life. If your BAC level was .08% or higher when it was tested by the law enforcement officer, you need the reliable and experienced help of a tried and true attorney who knows how to fight for you and the resolution that is in your best interests. You do not want DUI penalties hanging over your head—penalties such as monetary fines, jail sentences, and/or the loss or revocation of certain rights and privileges. Attorney Kay has defended numerous other individuals who are dealing with complications and hardships comparable to yours and is prepared to stand by your side and support you throughout the entirety of your case. You can rest assured in the representation you can receive when you pick up the phone today and contact this law office to begin moving your case in the right direction.

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