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Flying Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Flying while impaired (FWI) is a serious legal offense, one that can not only land you time behind bars, but it can also injury or kill a large number of people; both on and off the plane. Pilots are prohibited from having any alcohol in their system because they are handling such a large piece of machinery that has the potential to hurt many victims. What is interesting about these laws, though they will differ by state in slight ways, most flying while intoxicated laws will apply not just to the pilot or co-pilot, but rather all staff and crew on the craft at the time. This would include the maintenance crew, the boarding staff, or any other workers who with the aircraft while in are both in flight or on the ground and in power.

Different circumstances that a person may be arrested for flying under the influence include if there is any flight member on board who is intoxicated in any way. Next, even if a flight member is using a controlled substance, if there is the slightest effect on the person's ability to control themselves or makes them a hazard to the safety of themselves or others, they will be considered under the influence. As flying is a very serious event, all hands must be on deck and in their best ability to care for the plane itself as well as the needs of those on board. If a flight member is found with even the blood alcohol concentration level of .02% within two after the flight, they may be arrested for an FWI.

If a flight member is found to be under the influence of both a controlled substance and they have even the smallest trace of alcohol in their system, they will be charged with an FWI. Lastly, if any of the flight members begin their duties in less than 8 hours' time after they have consumed any alcohol, they can be arrested for this offense. The penalties for an FWI offense, vary though for a first offense, it will likely be considered as a second degree misdemeanor, and if the person is convicted they could be forced to pay between $1000-$5000 in fines as well as face potential a 3 day to 2 year imprisonment depending on the severity of the event.

However, in the event that this FWI violation results in the injury, illness or death of any other person, the flight member will be subject to much stricter penalties with the law. This can result in fines from $5000-$10,000 as well us between 30 days in jail up to two years. This act is very serious, and law enforcing officials will do whatever they can to see to it that those in violation pay for their actions. In the event that you are accused of a FWI, you may be at risk not only to pay fines and spend time behind bars, there is a strong possibility that you will lose your license to fly as well.

It is for this reason, that hiring a skilled DUI defense attorney is so essential, because not only are the next few years of your life at stake if you have to go to jail, but also the rest of your career may be as well. Sadly, that kid of conviction may also harm your abilities for employment in the future as well. Contact a skilled defense attorney yin your area to fight the charges that have been placed against you, you do not have to give up hope! Use our website to find an attorney in your area today!

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