Latest News 2008 October Washington Man Convicted of 10th DUI

Washington Man Convicted of 10th DUI

A man convicted for his 10th drunk driving offense will serve seven years in prison.

Todd Olson of Everett, Washington was arrested for his 10th DUI in May when he hit another car at a traffic light and drove off. The seven-year-sentence was the maximum under Washington state law. The law states that a fifth DUI within 10 years warrants felony charges.

Within the last decade, Olson, 47, has been charged six times with drunken driving. Snohomish County prosecutors said Olson also has three convictions for hit and run, and 14 convictions for driving with a suspended license.

In the state of Washington DUI is normally tried a gross misdemeanor, the penalties for which include a fine and up to a year in jail.

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