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Free Rides Home Part Of Anti-DUI Effort

By Dichter Law Office  Dec. 17, 2012 12:51p

DUI Task Force Enlists Taxis And Tow Companies

As part of the effort to combat the annual spike in DUI accidents around the holiday season, Tacoma Peirce County has implemented a new state funded program to help celebrants get home safely – without drinking and driving. The initiative, titled the Home Safe Bar Program, involves cooperation between several tow companies, a taxi service, and a horde of patrolmen and troopers to attempt to stem the tide.

According to press releases announced by local officials, the new effort was conceived as part of the Tacoma Peirce County DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force, which is charged every year with trying to reduce the number of alcohol- and drug- related accidents. The new program is an attempt to reach out to revelers and partygoers, helping to give an alternative to driving home while intoxicated.

Beginning on Saturday, December 15th, several local tow-truck firms are offering free five-mile tows to any intoxicated drivers who are stuck with their vehicles and need to get home safely. Thirteen companies in all are contributing to the effort, which is expected to last through New Year's Eve.

In addition to the assistance of the tow companies, a popular local taxi service has been signed to the effort. Aloha Cab Company, a taxi service that provides in-vehicle karaoke to patrons, has agreed to schedule 35 free rides home on two Saturday nights, the 15th and 22nd of December, which can be claimed by groups of three or more seeking a ride within five miles of Tacoma. The service hopes to entice customers with the opportunity to keep the party going during the ride home with the karaoke machines installed inside the cars.

If the two transportation services are playing the part of the carrot, then the Night of 1,000 Stars DUI Patrol is cast as the stick. 25 local officers with the Fife Police Department are teaming up with a huge group of law enforcement agents across the state to step up patrols during the holiday season, making it their mission to get as many intoxicated drivers off the road as possible. City officials say they hope that the two-pronged approach will have more success in reducing DUI crime than ever before.

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