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Driver Charged with DUI after Ramming Airport Gate

By Lessem & Newstat, Attorneys at Law LLP  Jul. 16, 2013 11:12a

Police responded to an incident at the Bob Hope Airport recently after a man allegedly rammed his car through a gate at the airport. The driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and other charges after he drove his car through an airfield gate on Empire Avenue. Airport Police as well as local authorities responded to the scene after getting the call just before 10:00 at night. The driver refused to get out of the car at first as police surrounded his vehicle and held him at gunpoint. He was then taken into custody. Police report that no flights were affected by the incident and the man did not manage to actually get onto the airfield. Get the help of a criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been charged with DUI.

Are you facing serious DUI charges?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs charges can have serious repercussions on many parts of your life. You will have to contend with criminal charges as well as administrative issues with the DMV concerning your driving privileges. A conviction for even a first time drunk driving charge can mean penalties including jail time, hundreds or thousands in fines, driver's license suspension and more. Cases involving previous DUI convictions, injury accidents or other such circumstances can mean that felony DUI charges could be brought against you. The possible punishment can be substantial and involve years in prison. Do not face DUI charges on your own!

Defense for DUI Charges in Los Angeles

A driver is often arrested after an officer makes a traffic stop and then conducts some form of field sobriety test. First off, authorities must have probable cause for making a traffic stop. Except at sobriety checkpoints which have their own strict procedures, an officer must observe an infraction or other have another valid reason for pulling your vehicle over. Secondly, field sobriety tests are not 100% error free or definitive in determining if someone is under the influence of an intoxicant. Physical coordination tests such as the walk and turn, one leg stand or horizontal gaze nystagmus test could result in unfavorable results due to nervousness or a medical condition. Additionally, results of a portable breathalyzer test may be invalid if the machine has not been properly maintained, calibrated or used. A criminal defense lawyer at our firm knows how to get a positive outcome in a DUI case and we may be able to fight the charges you are facing. Contact us at the law offices of Lessem & Newstat today to arrange a free initial consultation.

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