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How to Get A DUI off of Your Criminal Record

By Randy Collins  Apr. 23, 2013 9:03a

DUI offenders may be wondering how to get this file expunged from his or her criminal record. And the good news is that it can be done with the help of a lawyer and after the requirements for applying have been met.

Before this article divulges key information required for removing a DUI off a criminal record, the primer includes the reasons why this is so important to begin.

A DUI on a criminal record can be very costly:

  • New job prospects may be booted when applying for a job. The employer is most likely to refuse this applicant, because let's face it, driving while intoxicated is often seen as something committee by irresponsible or careless individuals. Personal qualities and values in a job prospect are a big part of the decision making process when taking on new hire. The employer will ask: who will be most productive?
  • Insurance cost may be consistently high. Many drivers may not know this, but a DUI offender is considered to be a high-risk driver. Will the insurance company have to pay for damages caused by drunk driving? This is the first question the automated system will analyze, and then compute higher rates in the event of an accident.
  • If a driver is considering starting a business that requires professional licensing, this may be denied when a DUI exists on the criminal record. A real estate professional for instance, who works with the general public will need to pass a background check. A DUI on someone's record can put their dreams on hold.

In light of these consequences, is there any hope?

There is. But it will take time and a little bit of effort.

The driver must not commit any subsequent DUIs within a specified timeframe, or any other crimes. The driver must have completed their entire probation. In the state of California, DUI probation usually lasts between three to five years. If there were any monies owed to the court or victims affected by the DUI incidence, this must also be paid in full. The driver will additionally need to furnish proof that a DUI school was completed – if it were originally ordered by the court.

Following an expungement ofDUI records in California, the driver has no requirement to state this fact to potential employers. The laws regarding what a California expungement covers in terms of information released varies. This information can be obtained from the state legislatures department.

Written by Randy Collins

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