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Ambien Use Can Lead to a Florida DUI

By Parks & Braxton, PA  Jan. 8, 2013 1:49p

The chemical zolpidem, which is the main ingredient in prescription sleep medicines such as Ambien, come with side effects, such as sleepwalking and sleep driving, which could lead to a drug-related DUI arrest and charge. Sleep driving has become a recognized side effect of these pharmaceuticals; the FDA required that drug manufacturers who make such sleep formulas put a warning on the label as well as in the product guide to alert users to the dangerous side effects. Sleep driving involves taking a product like Ambien, falling asleep and then unknowingly driving one's vehicle, often in one's pajamas, disheveled, and disoriented. Sleepwalking and other activities while under the influence of Ambien often have the additional side effect of the user failing to remember having engaged in them.

Those who take Ambien and similar sleep drugs may find themselves under a DUI arrest. They may be accused of ignoring the prescription drug's warning labels. If users exceed recommended dosages of such drugs, combine them with alcohol or other prescriptions which cause drowsiness, reduced motor skills, or other impairments to the nervous system or brain, they may find themselves convicted of a Florida DUI punishable by jail time, huge fines, loss of their driver's license, and other harsh consequences.

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