The Law Office of Nors Davidson Articles Are Field Sobriety Tests Legally Required?

Are Field Sobriety Tests Legally Required?

By Nors Davidson   Nov. 20, 2010 1:35p

Law enforcement officers are trained to keep a watchful eye on drivers for any suspicious activity or behavior. When an officer identifies a driver as a possible hazard due to erratic or dangerous driving habits they can detain the driver and ask them to perform a variety of tests known as field sobriety tests. These types of tests are used to help an officer determine if the driver under suspicion is intoxicated or driving with impaired abilities. Though these tests are not always accurate or performed correctly, they can establish probable cause for an officer to arrest the driver for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been arrested or charged for DUI following a field sobriety test a San Francisco DUI lawyer can help you fight your criminal charges and offer expert advice on your options.

There are three standard field sobriety tests that a driver can submit to if they choose to do so. It is not legally required for a driver to submit to these tests, although if you refuse an officer may still arrest you for suspicion of drunk driving. The three standard tests include the one leg stand test, the walk and turn test and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. The first two tests help an officer determine if a driver has balance, coordination or concentration issues, which can often signify intoxication. The third test checks a drivers eyes for telltale signs of intoxication such as twitching or wandering eyes.

DUI Lawyer in San Francisco

If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges for DUI following a failed or refused field sobriety test, you need immediate legal representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney. You are not required to answer anything but general questions such as your name, and never have to submit to breath, blood or Breathalyzer tests without the presence of your attorney. At the Law Office of Nors Davidson we understand how scary it is to face a DUI charge, and we will do everything possible to ensure you have the best defense possible against the prosecution.

Contact a San Francisco DUI Attorney at my office today for the competent representation to fight your charges.

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