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Texas Gets Low Marks for Drunk Driving

By Zendeh Del Law Firm  Jun. 26, 2012 10:52a

According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), the nation's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing drunk driving across the U.S., Texas is one of the worst states statistically for drunk driving incidents. The organization ranks Texas at 49 among the 50 states, with 42 percent of all traffic fatalities being related to drunk driving. DUI fatalities were 1,259 last year. Three-time DUI offenders numbered close to 125,000 while five-time offenders numbered more than 18,000. Per MADD's statistics, close to six billion dollars was spent on state subsidies of deaths connected with drunk driving.

While the Texas legislature rejected legislation in 2011 concerning increased ignition interlock devise use in DWI convictions and creation of sobriety checkpoints, MADD is working towards getting these passed in the 2013 legislative session. The organization posts a range of statistics in its efforts to educate the public and clamp down on drunk driving. According to their statistics, the average DWI offender has driven a vehicle while intoxicated 80 times before getting arrested for the first time and one in three persons will be involved in a traffic accident that is alcohol-related during their lifetime.

Drunk Driving in Plano, Texas

Being charged with a DWI in Texas or any other state is a serious offense with potential jail time, hefty fines, and a loss of driving privileges. Losing your license alone can create a huge hardship, especially for anyone who works, which is the majority of the population. Many types of DWI charges exist, based on your age, your blood alcohol concentration level, whether property damage occurred or whether anyone was injured or killed. Getting professional legal help is important if you wish to reduce the consequences of a conviction or avoid a conviction altogether.

The Zendeh Del Law Firm in Plano is dedicated to defending those charged with DWI in Plano and the greater Fort Worth / Dallas area. The firm is composed of experienced trial lawyers who have handled the most complex of DWI cases. You can discuss the specifics of your case with a Plano DWI attorney to find out how your defense should be best handled by contacting the firm to arrange for a consultation today.

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