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Drunk Driving in Georgia: Holiday Dangers

By Law Offices of Benjamin Bradley Reed, P.C.  Dec. 9, 2013 1:15p

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 32,355 drunk or drug-impaired driving convictions took place in Georgia in 2012. 301 people died last year in alcohol-related Georgia traffic crashes. A conviction in a first offense can result in up to one year of jail time, fines of up to $1,000, a license suspension of up to year, 40 hours of community service, and a reinstatement fee to regain your license of $210. Add to this the repercussions a drunk driving conviction will have on your auto insurance premiums along with a permanent criminal record which can be accessed on a routine background check and you have some seriously adverse penalties.

These penalties only escalate with a second or third offense within five years. Those convicted of these repeat offenses will generally be ordered to install, use, and maintain an ignition interlock device in any vehicle they use for a period of six months.

As the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's is a time of holiday DUI dangers, Georgia's Governor's Office of Highway Safety has started a public awareness campaign to remind everyone to use a designated driver when engaging in holiday parties and other activities. According to this state agency, last year 1,119 alcohol-related crashes occurred in Georgia between November 20 and December 31, 2012. These crashes ended up injuring 679 people and killing 20.

DUI and Criminal Defense in Canton, Georgia and Surrounding Areas

Drunk driving, driving impaired by street drugs, prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter drugs, or a combination of these two driving behaviors can result in serious repercussions. Any law enforcement officer can pull you over if you are seen driving erratically, weaving across lanes, or ignoring traffic laws. Once pulled over, you may be subjected to sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, or blood tests to determine whether you have are in violation of DUI laws. During the holiday season, law enforcement agencies are especially on the alert for drunk driving and may be part of combined agency task forces to identify and prosecute impaired drivers.

If you have been charged with any type of DUI in or around Canton, your first priority should be to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Benjamin Bradley Reed, P.C. you will find an experienced former prosecutor who has handled all types of DUI cases as well as other criminal charges. Mr. Reed is a seasoned trial lawyer who understands the stakes in any case and who applies all of his considerable training, knowledge, and legal ability to helping you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact his firm to arrange to speak to him about your DUI or other criminal charges or fill out a free evaluation form online at his website to get started.

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