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Daniel Perlman is Now Accepting Media Inquiries

By Daniel Perlman October 01, 2014

Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Perlman has appeared on E! Networks Television (3) and Satellite Radio (6) multiple times as their Celebrity Legal Expert and has been interviewed for articles appearing on as well. Additionally, Daniel has appeared on Hollywood 411 on the TV Guide Channel on a couple of occasions and on Fox News Television. Daniel is available for live or taped radio, tv or internet broadcasts as well as for print media interviews often at a moment's notice. Daniel is generally at ease on camera as was clear during his joke telling appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno.

Last minute calls for appearances have in the past proved problematic in terms of wardrobe, but Daniel now keeps spare suits available.

All inquiries should be directed to Daniel Perlman's assistant Jamie Vallejo at 310.557.1700 - if your request is time-sensitive and you reach our call service, simply indicate that it is urgent and we will be paged.

Community Outreach

Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Perlman has made himself available to speak at a wide variety of venues and to varied audiences, frequently for no cost. Typically, Daniel speaks about how to avoid trouble in the first place, how to manage difficult situations once they occur and how to help friends or loved ones who find themselves in trouble. Talks are often schedule for 60-90 minutes but can be booked for as short as 10-15 minutes or as long as three hours. Recently, Daniel has spoken to college football teams, small businesses, professional associations and religious groups.

Daniel makes himself available at no cost as a way to give back to the community. The longer he has been in practice the longer the list of individuals he comes across who could have avoided big trouble if they had received some simple guidance, and he finds "deep satisfaction in helping people avoid otherwise dangerous and often life-altering encounters with law enforcement."

Examples of subjects often covered include:

  • How to avoid a DUI arrest
  • How to avoid incriminating oneself
  • What to say and what not to say when stopped or approached by law enforcement
  • How police will trick you
  • Really?! That's illegal?
  • and many more

A typical 60 minute address will include 30-40 minutes of talk followed by an extended Q and A session. According to Daniel, "The questions from an audience are often the best part of these talks."

To schedule a speaking engagement for Daniel, please contact his assistant Jamie Vallejo at 310.557.1700

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