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When searching for a DUI attorney, you have to search for an attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and specializes in DUI Law. The attorney's at The Law Office of Fred Gagliardini have handled over 3300 criminal cases and is one of the most respected Dui Attorneys in Bakersfield. With this type amount of experience comes a lot of success and tricks of the trade that you will not get anywhere else.

At The Law Office of Fred Gagliardini, the firm is consistently able to secure results for clients and never backs down from a difficult case. Whether you are facing a first time DUI, DUI with injury, multiple DUI or any other type of DUI offense this firm can help you.

Some of the methods used to fight DUI include discrediting the tactics used by the law enforcement officer to test your Blood alcohol concentration. This includes field sobriety test, breathalyzer, and blood sampling. Calibration of these devices is highly regulated and if out of calibration an incorrect reading could have been acquired. In the case of a blood draw, improper storage or contamination may affect the results. This is just one of the many methods these Bakersfield DUI Attorney's use to protect your rights and fight to protect your rights!

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