The Law Office of Nors Davidson Articles A Rundown of the DUI Legal Process in San Francisco

A Rundown of the DUI Legal Process in San Francisco

By Law Office of Nors Davidson  Jan. 3, 2012 2:21p

The legal process for alleged drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs in San Francisco begins when an officer pulls over a suspected driver.  To make a legal stop the officer must have reasonable cause such as observing reckless driving, swerving, failure to obey traffic laws, etc.  The officer may ask the driver to perform a field sobriety test and if he or she fails the test, that individual will be taken into custody with the charge of DUI.  At this point, there are two legal processes that the charged person will have to contend with: the DMV administrative hearing regarding his driving license and a criminal case regarding the alleged break in the law.  It is important that you understand what is required of you in this situation and a San Francisco DUI attorney may be able to help.

The DMV Hearing

The driver's license is confiscated and automatically suspended at the time of the arrest.  The Department of Motor Vehicles is notified of this and the defendant has ten days to request a license suspension hearing. This hearing is held to go over the arresting officer's report as well as any other pertinent information such as the driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC), etc.  Whether or not your license will be further suspended (and for how long) are to be determined so it is vital that you have professional representation at the hearing.

Criminal Proceedings for DUI Charges

The criminal process for DUI charges is fairly similar to that for any other criminal charges.  An arraignment is held after the arrest at which it is highly recommended that you have the help of a defense attorney.  A plea of guilty or not guilty is given by the defendant and then a trial may be scheduled.  As with any other trial, all evidence pertaining to the case is presented and a verdict is handed down based on who proved the case better-the defense or the prosecution.

San Francisco DUI Attorney

I established my firm, the Law Office of Nors Davidson, to provide excellent DUI defense to those in the San Francisco area.  Together with my dedicated legal team we have successfully defended clients against harsh DUI charges and obtained a dismissal or reduced charges.  We understand how stressful and even frightening a DUI arrest can be and that is why we put up a strong fight for our clients to get the best outcome possible!

Contact a San Francisco DUI lawyer with us right away if you are in need of skilled defense for the charges against you.

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