The Law Office of Nors Davidson Articles Drunk Driving with a Child in the Vehicle Ups DUI Charges

Drunk Driving with a Child in the Vehicle Ups DUI Charges

By Law Office of Nors Davidson  Jan. 3, 2012 2:18p

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is taken very seriously in the state of California.  Even a first time offense with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the minimum 0.08% can result in significant penalties.  With that in mind, it is important to be aware of enhanced DUI charges that can result in even harsher penalties if a conviction is obtained.  One such example is the presence of children in the vehicle when the driver is allegedly drunk or under the influence of drugs.  Speak with a San Francisco DUI attorney immediately if you have been charged or arrested for any DUI crime.

San Francisco Woman Charged with Drunk Driving with a Minor Fails to Appear

A woman who had been recently arrested for DUI while her daughter was in the car failed to report to her scheduled court date.  The woman had taken her four-year-old daughter to the movies and was attempting to leave the theater parking lot when witnesses decided to call the police. She was seen driving erratically and sideswiped two cars.  Witnesses were finally able to approach the woman in her car after she crashed into a cement divider at the exit of the parking lot.  She was incoherent when spoken to but her daughter reportedly told witnesses her mother's name and said she was drunk.  Police arrived on the scene shortly afterwards and took her into custody.  There was a bottle of vodka in her purse and she had a BAC of 0.35%, over 4 times the legal limit.

Penalties for DUI while in the Presence of a Child

The enhancements for DUI child endangerment can tack on additional penalties.  If a child under the age of 14 is being transported at the time of an alleged DUI, up to 90 days in prison may be added to the sentence.   A conviction for the formal charge of "child endangerment" in and of itself can mean up to 6 years in state prison.

If you are facing charges of DUI while transporting a minor it is absolutely crucial that you enlist the help of a skilled lawyer immediately.  At the Law Office of Nors Davidson a knowledgeable and highly competent San Francisco DUI attorney has helped clients get harsh DUI charges reduced or dismissed all together.  You have options and you deserve excellent legal defense on your behalf!

Contact a San Francisco DUI lawyer at our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.  Ensure your rights are protected!


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