The Law Offices of Thomas Tears Articles Driver Charged with DUI after 10-Year-Old Struck in Crosswalk

Driver Charged with DUI after 10-Year-Old Struck in Crosswalk

By Law Offices of Thomas Tears  Apr. 7, 2014 4:08p

A Santa Ana woman was arrested recently after a serious pedestrian accident. S.L., 33 years old, was driving a full size pickup truck westbound on East 17th Street on a recent evening when the accident happened. S.L. was approaching the intersection with Cabrillo Park Drive at about 6:45 pm when she failed to stop at a red light. A 10-year-old boy was with his older brother (an adult, according to reports) crossing East 17th Street when the little boy was hit by S.L.'s pickup truck as she allegedly went through the red light. The boy was sent flying by the force of the impact and landed in traffic lanes but it was unclear from reports if he sustained additional injuries from being hit by other cars at that point. The boy's older brother was not injured but the 10-year-old was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with severe blunt force trauma injuries. Police interviewed S.L. who had remained at the scene. She was subsequently taken into custody and placed in the Santa Ana Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence. Information was not available regarding what indications officers observed that resulted in the DUI arrest but she faces the possibility of serious penalties if charged and convicted of DUI involving serious injury, a felony offense. A conviction could mean years in prison, thousands in fines, loss of her driving license, probation and other punishment.

If you have been charged with a drunk driving or DUI of drugs offense then you need a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney on your side immediately. DUI charges can have a significant impact on your life and could pose serious challenges to your future. If your arrest occurred after an officer said you failed a field sobriety test or if your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was allegedly over the legal limit of 0.08 percent according to a breathalyzer test or blood test then it is important to know that these tests are not perfect or 100 percent accurate. A skilled DUI defender may be able to help you avoid charges by proving that the tests were wrong or incorrectly administered.

Charged with DUI in Santa Ana?

Contact our dedicated team at the law offices of Thomas Tears now to find out what may be done to fight the DUI charges you are facing. Defense Lawyer Thomas Tears has helped our clients throughout Orange County get the legal results they are looking for. We offer a free initial consultation and may be able to help you avoid a conviction!

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