Thomas A. Brant Articles Woman Arrested For Giving False Name To Police

Woman Arrested For Giving False Name To Police

By Thomas A. Brant  May. 25, 2011 3:21p

Officer Pulls Over Woman Who Gave Them Her Roommates Name

After being questioned by a police officer about a disturbance near her home, a woman was arrested when the policeman realized she had given him a false name.

The 28-year old woman lived on Company Street, where an early morning disturbance led to the arrival of law enforcement officers. The police saw her driving out of the residence and pulled her over to ascertain her involvement or lack thereof in the scene. After asking her a few questions, the officer decided to let her go, as she was not believed to have been involved in the incident.

Police Discovers Deceit, Arrests Woman

After continuing the investigation into the disturbance, the officer realized that the information given him by the woman did not make sense. After questioning several other residents and nearby neighbors, the officer learned that the name she had given him was wrong.

This led to the discovery of her true identity, as well as the revelation of why she had chosen to use the false name: the 28-year old had had her license suspended after a recent DUI conviction, and was not supposed to be driving her vehicle at all. She was also wanted by the police on an outstanding warrant for another minor charge.

The law enforcement officer, having discovered the deception, decided to stake out a nearby traffic stop. After a short wait, he saw her returning back to her home and pulled her vehicle over again. She was arrested for the outstanding warrant and given additional charges of obstructing a police officer and driving on a suspended license.

Seek A DUI Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a DUI offense in Massachusetts, the penalties stacked against you are severe. You will most likely have your license suspended, losing your ability to travel without risking even more trouble. Please, consult with a trained Boston DUI defense lawyer who can defend you from these charges. Thomas A. Brant has more than 20 years of experience defending criminal charges. Let him help you today!

To discuss your options, contact a Boston DUI attorney without delay.

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