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Prescription Drug DUI in Washington State

By Law Office of Scott Lawrence, PLLC  Jun. 17, 2013 11:45a

Under Washington state law, if your driving ability is seen to be impaired due to the presence of a prescription drug in your system, you can be charged with a DUI. It doesn't matter whether the prescription drug was legally obtained from your doctor or not. Unfortunately, prescription drug usage has skyrocketed in the last few decades. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that one in three drivers who were killed in fatal traffic accidents tested positive for drugs in 2009. In the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs for July 2011, it was found that 25 percent of all drivers in this country who died in traffic accidents tested positive for drugs. Other research publications show that prescription drug abuse accounts for close to 30 percent of the drug problem in the nation.

These statistics show that driving while under the influence of drugs, even prescription drugs, is a growing problem. The most common prescription drugs involved in DUIs in Washington State include methadone (painkiller), oxycodone (painkiller), Xanax (treats anxiety and panic attacks), Klonopin (treats panic attacks), Diazepam (tranquilizer), Celexa (antidepressant), and Zolpidem (sleep aid). The effects of these drugs vary from individual to individual and can be exacerbated and complicated when mixed with other drugs or alcohol. Those convicted of a drug-related DUI face the same penalties as one that involves alcohol, including jail time, heavy fines and court fees, license suspension, and probation.

DUI Defense in Everett and Snohomish County, Washington

Being arrested and charged with a DUI can be a very intimidating and stressful experience, especially for those who have never been involved with the criminal justice system before. You may have little understanding of the legal process and may feel that your case is hopeless. This is a common perception. Unfortunately, it does not help your case. The first thing you should do is contact an experienced defense attorney to get a better understanding of your particular circumstances.

The Law Office of Scott Lawrence, PLLC offers competent DUI defense for clients in and around Snohomish County. Mr. Lawrence has a science degree in chemistry which makes him uniquely qualified to understand, handle, and challenge the forensic evidence involved in DUI cases. He also has a background as a private investigator. Due to his proficiency as a defense lawyer and the level of satisfaction among his clients, his firm has earned a 9.7 out of 10 Superb rating from Avvo. To take advantage of his experience, knowledge, and dedication to results, contact the firm for a free, initial consultation concerning your DUI or other criminal case.

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