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What you Need to Know About DUI School

If you've received a DUI conviction, part of your sentence may include attending a DUI school or a rehab facility. These mandatory classes teach first-time offenders the dangers of driving drunk to discourage them from doing so again. Requirements for DUI school vary by state and they are part of a sentence depending on the amount of infractions a person has. Some states are more prone to send their DUI convicts to school then others. In California, DUI class is mandatory for a person who has just received their first DUI conviction.

This class varies in each state. It may be an online endeavor, or you may be told to meet with a counselor regularly. You might take the class with a variety of people at a local public building, or you may need to attend a rehab program to discourage your drinking habits. Whatever you are told to do, it is very important that you obey the judge and go to class. Missing a class may cause financial penalties, jail time, or an extension on your license revocation.

What Happens in Class

In class, you might be shown graphic images of accidents caused by drunk drivers. Additionally, teachers will show you the consequences of addiction which extend beyond the risk of causing accidents. Sometimes, a DUI class may include attending an alcohol or drug support group. You may even be told to act as a leader in a support group or teach others the dangers of drunk driving. Often, the men and women who oversee these groups will be watching you and may report any negative behavior to the courts.

In some cases, DUI classes can be taken online. If this is the case for you, the court will provide you with the necessary information for registering for and completing this online course.

Benefits of Completing A DUI Class

If you complete the program successfully, then some jurisdictions may restore your driver's license. They want to make sure that you are repentant of your DUI and that you will not be caught with a similar offense in the future. A repeat DUI offense after attending these classes will likely cause more significant penalties.

Paying for a DUI Class

In most instances, you will have to pay for the course. If you don't like putting your card information online, look for a phone number and call the DUI school. They might be able to take your information over the phone and enroll you in the class. Remember that you will need to provide the details of your DUI when you enroll in the class. You will need to recall the name of your judge, the court where your trial took place, and the court due date. Don't lose your citation number, because you will need to enter it into here in enrollment.

Diversion Agreements

A diversion agreement describes when a first-time offender receives counseling instead of punishment for their crime. If you received a diversion agreement in your DUI trial, then you will be required to attend a course, support group, or program in place of a punishment for your DUI. These agreements are a lifeline which keep your DUI from your personal record.

After you finish your program, then you will finally be free to move on from your DUI charges. If you don't finish the class, skip too many times, or show disrespect or disinterest, you might end up back in court. Regardless of the type or school or program your court sentenced for you, work hard and be involved. You might learn something you didn't know, and you may receive rewards like license restoration for your dedicated and impressive behavior.

If you need legal representation or advice for your DUI charges, use our directory to find an experienced DUI attorney near you.

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