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California DUI Law Changes In 2012

By Randy Collins March 12, 2013

Effective January 1, 2012, former DUI laws in California have changed from the previous year. Here are the top DUI law changes that are worth taking a note of:

Chemical Test Availability – Blood Tests Rule

Assembly Bill 2020 now makes it mandatory to complete a blood verses urine tests when chemical testing for DUI.

In the event that blood tests are not viable at the time, the next option would be to run a urine test for detecting the suspected driver's alcohol level. The move is supported by prosecution teams, as it helps to build better evidence in actual DUI cases. The results of this testing are not clear-cut however, and if you've recently completed and failed a DUI test, it's best to speak with an attorney right away.

Repeat DUI Offenders Face 10 Years – License Suspension That Is!

While this charge may not be comparable to a high-penalty offense like murder, repeat DUI offenders like fourth-time DUI drivers can face felony charges. This however, isn't the new update. New legal codes in California give the court leeway to suspend an offender's driver's license for a period of up to ten years. Reference California Assembly Bill 1601 for more details.

New Laws Favor Drivers Too

In the past cops were given the authority to impound a vehicle for up to thirty days. New shakeups to Assembly Bill 353 however, prohibit officers from doing so solely on no driver's license alone at a sobriety checkpoints in California. Double check for more details at AB 353 to know your rights – or speak with a DUI attorney.

Lower Charge = Lowered Restrictions

It's not uncommon for DUI offenders to enter plea bargains. The outcome is typically being charged with a lower offense such as reckless driving. In regards to new laws, if an offender happens to be convicted of this reckless driving crime, he or she is also given a chance to apply for a limited driver's license. One of the stipulations in Assembly Bill 520 for doing so is to ensure that an Ignition Interlock Device is installed on the vehicle.

For more updates on California legal codes, check out

Written by Randy Collins

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