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Texas Man Sentenced to 60 Years for DWI

By Mark Morasch, Attorney at Law  Jun. 4, 2013 12:37p

In what appeared to be a minor traffic violation, a Taylor, Texas man failed to use his turn signal before he made a turn and was stopped by a police officer in June of 2007. The police officer discovered that his failure to signal was due to intoxication. The man admitted to drinking and driving. He also failed field sobriety tests after which he refused to take a chemical text. The arresting officer quickly obtained a warrant for a blood test in which it was found that the man's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was more than twice the legal limit. The arresting officer also found out that the man had nine previous DWI convictions going back to 1979. Because of so many previous convictions, the Taylor man was charged with a felony DWI.

The man, whose initials are A. L. F., pleaded not guilty to the charges and waived his right to a jury trial. In the ensuing legal process, the judge found him guilty of the 10th DWI and sentenced him to 60 years in prison. At the time of the sentencing, A.L.F. was 53 years old which meant that he would probably die in prison. The judge, however, granted him the right to seek parole after 15 years. His sentence began on June 22, 2007. The harsh sentence given to A. L. F. demonstrates how Texas courts have cracked down on the crime of driving while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. In the case of repeat offenders, severe sentences from Texas courts can be expected.

Houston DWI Defense Attorney

As the laws against alcohol-impaired and drug-impaired driving continue to get stricter, anyone facing such charges will be in need of an experienced and dedicated defense lawyer. DWI cases can be very complicated as they involve scientific issues as well as legal ones. That is why it is important to retain the services of an attorney who focuses on DWI defense who has a strong track record in the courts in your area. Such an attorney is Mark Morasch who is based in Houston.

Mr. Morasch believes that bad things can happen to good people quite frequently and that not everyone who is arrested for DWI should be. He puts these beliefs into practice every day as he defends clients of DWI and other criminal offenses in Houston courts. As a former prosecutor, he has an in-depth understanding of how cases are developed and thus how to combat the charges. He has a decade of experience as a criminal defense lawyer besides more than six years of experience as a prosecutor. That type of criminal law experience means that your case will be in the hands of truly professional and committed attorney. Because of his legal ability, he has been recognized as a top Houston lawyer for five consecutive years by H Texas Magazine. To learn more about Mr. Morasch and how he can help you, contact his offices at Mark Morasch, Attorney at Law for a confidential consultation.

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